Product Owner/
Solutions Architect

The role

As a Product Owner/Solution Architect, you will join our highly driven team to represent the fusion of technology with business insight and work to build software applications that are made to suit our client’s needs. In this role, you will work confidently alongside account managers, project managers, development teams and most importantly, our clients. Using your knowledge of technology and software development you will be the driving force behind solutions that meet our clients’ expectations.


Your role will be to analyse client requirements, identify and implement suitable technological solutions that anticipate future client needs. With highly technological knowledge, you should have the skills to look at clients’ business problems and produce creative ideas that exceed the original proposal. Playing a key role in turning client visions into effective processes, you will manage the entire lifecycle of projects to ensure they are technically sound, fit-for-purpose and delivered on time and to the highest standards. You should be able to think creativity and ‘big picture’ but must also back up your ideas and recommendations by writing detailed user stories that can be successfully implemented by development teams.


The role is ideal for an experienced developer who is looking to move away from coding to conceiving solutions, or for a passionate and technically minded business analyst involved in creating solutions for clients. This individual will need to have the ability to interact with clients and account handlers at a variety of levels across functions, as well as manage client expectations to ensure their satisfaction. They will also need to have a keen interest in technology, strong desire to learn and keep on top of the latest trends. Experience with projects involving machine learning or AI would be beneficial but not compulsory. 


Approximate time split of activities (will vary depending on seniority)


30% - Writing user stories

25% - Developing strategy and roadmaps

25% - Client and team meetings

20% - Managing Scrum team & verifying stories

Skills and experience

  • 2-3 years’ experience or more in similar type of role, or 4 years’ development experience

  • A quick learner with the ability to quickly develop insight into the client and subject matter

  • Experience in writing user stories or technical specifications

  • Strong knowledge of software development practices - the lifecycle and methodologies

  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with stakeholders that have different technology-awareness

  • Ability to process a vast amount of information with a methodical approach

  • Knowledge and understanding of web and mobile technologies and their application

Any of the following would be beneficial

  • Business analysis, problem-solving and creative-thinking skills

  • Experience with projects involving machine learning or AI

  • Experience working on projects that involve system integration, and working with multiple vendors

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